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  • Brokers

    Transactor is the platform of choice for a variety of insurance brokers worldwide. Our full-cycle policy administration solution is capable of supporting any line of business, B2B and B2C.

    Transactor combines a comprehensive back office solution with integrated, responsive websites and advanced call centre solutions. Deploy your own delegated authority schemes and/or gain access to our unique open market panel of insurers.

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  • Insurers

    Transactor is an accomplished software system trusted by a wide range of national and multi-national insurers.

    Our insurer solution streamlines the delivery process, bringing new products to market quickly and efficiently. Insurers are able to distribute products to Transactor brokers, or users of other software house systems using our EDI Toolset. 

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  • MGAs

    TGSL supports a wide variety of MGAs. The flexibility and configurability of Transactor makes a perfect match for the needs of the thriving MGA market.

    Transactor provides a foundation for businesses performing complex functions ordinarily handled only by insurers, such as binding coverage, underwriting and pricing, appointing retail agents within a particular area, and settling claims.

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Client Case studies

TGSL has a wealth of experience working with large and small insurance companies. Transactor insurance software enables our clients to penetrate new markets, develop new insurance e-business strategies, and increase their productivity and efficiency.


  • "We have been a Transactor user for over five years. In that time Caravan Guard has grown into a major operator in caravan insurance and related classes of business, whilst at the same time keeping firm control on business processing costs through the use of modern technology"

    Peter Wilby, Caravan Guard
  • "We launched on time with the Transactor Internet and back-office solution and since then all of our expectations have been exceeded"

    Paul McCracken, Freeway Insurance
  • "We chose Transactor because of the level of control the software offered, allowing us to run both personal and commercial lines on the same system"

    Roger Morgan, Farm and General
  • "When it came to implementing a new software system we needed a provider which could match the ambition of our business whilst helping us to improve the service we offer to our clients. After a thorough review of the market we found Transactor to be the best choice for our business"

    Paul Ames, Regis
  • "We chose to work with Transactor because of the flexibility they offered. There were no restrictions on what we wanted to do, enabling us to create unique, customer focused journeys for each of the various product and customer types "

    Dawn Holmes, Carole Nash
  • "We chose TGSL for their flexibility, professionalism, proven scalability around high volume aggregation, experience and understanding of volume and niche motorcycle insurance requirements"

    Dave Bowcock, Principal Insurance
  • "This investment in our new IT infrastructure and Transactor insurance software means that we are now able to provide the right platforms to improve our overall service to Members"

    Peter Beaumont, Cornish Mutual
  • "The speed and flexibility of the TGSL software together with a robust reporting structure made it the platform of choice"

    David Watson, Sky Insurance
  • "We looked into many different options and found Transactor to be the perfect solution. We have found Transactor to be extremely user friendly and efficient and it gives us added flexibility in a constantly evolving and demanding market"

    Carl Pickett, Adrian Flux Group
  • "For niche motor we felt that TGSL had the only system in the market that suited our requirements and business needs. We are looking forward to grow ClassicLine further using our new TGSL platform"

    Darren Ansell, ClassicLine
  • "Transactor will enable us to implement and grow a customer-focused distribution strategy, a key plank in our aim to become the UK’s leading niche and specialist insurance services provider"

    Derek Coles, Ryan Direct Group
  • "We needed something which would be time-proven, yet also offer the flexibility to mould it to our specific requirements. The TGSL software ticked all the right boxes"

    Simon Mifsud, SMS Insurance Agency
  • "The combination of a robust policy administration system that could be easily adapted to our schemes together with the integrated web functionality was very difficult to beat"

    Andrew Marchington, Highworth Insurance
  • "Transactor has been a vital partner in ensuring that our desire to push the boundaries of giving customers clear and transparent feedback could be realised"

    Ed Rochfort, Carrot Car Insurance
  • "We’re looking forward to making full use of the entire Transactor platform, from automated policy processing and a reduced paper-based solution, to advanced data extract, analysis and MI reporting"

    Frix Africa, Direct Link
  • "Our relationship with TGSL is a partnership in every sense and together we strive to develop a unique IT solution which comprehensively caters for our specific operational needs as an MGA"

    Michael McKee, MIDAS

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BIBA Fever Strikes Again
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