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The following roles are available in our apprenticeship program.

Software Developer

Our software developers are trained and mentored to be responsible for development, support and maintenance of TGSL software. They provide analysis related to software development, solve problems using Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, and software development technologies.

Project Administrator

Our Project Administrators assist in the delivery of Transactor projects to clients through the extensive and effective use of project co-ordination, product configuration and training skills, and the application of in-depth TGSL product knowledge.

Web Designer/Developer

Our web designers are trained and mentored to be responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of TGSL e-commerce websites. They support the business in all life cycle stages from website specification to development of final product.

Release & Configuration Support Analyst

Our release & configuration support analysts are trained and mentored to be responsible for all software release and delivery of the Transactor products internally and to external clients. They are also responsible for the management of the TGSL internal IT systems.

Technical Tester

Technical testers are trained and mentored to be able to facilitate the testing of all aspects of Transactor software by building and maintaining an automation framework, as well as other test harnesses.

1st Line Support Technician

Our 1st line support technicians are trained and mentored to be able to offer first line support to the TGSL client base through incident logging and maintenance, customer query investigation and resolution, and preparation of release documentation. They also provide testing support to the Test Department.

To apply or learn more about our roles please email careers@transactorgsl.com

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  • "We need a state of the art and forward thinking software system that can efficiently handle our specialist and somewhat unique product range"

    Alan Keating, Acorn
  • "We looked into many different options and found Transactor to be the perfect solution. The software is totally flexible and has been configured to our requirements."

    Carl Pickett, Adrian Flux Group
  • "Transactor helps us keep firm control on business processing costs through the use of modern technology"

    Peter Wilby, Caravan Guard
  • "Transactor has been a vital partner in ensuring that our desire to push the boundaries of giving customers clear and transparent feedback could be realised"

    Ed Rochfort, Carrot Car Insurance
  • "The investment in our new IT infrastructure means that we are now able to provide the right platforms to improve our overall service to Members"

    Peter Beaumont, Cornish Mutual
  • "Transactor will enable us to implement and grow a customer-focused distribution strategy as we aim to become the UK’s leading specialist insurance services provider"

    Derek Coles, Ryan Direct Group
  • "We have created a customer journey that draws on Transactor's robust, modern systems yet allows us to offer a personalised experience for our customers"

    Heidi McCormack, Emerald Life
  • "Transactor is intuitive and straightforward to use, and from a management perspective Transactor gives us maximum control with minimum effort"

    Paul McCracken, Freeway Insurance
  • "A solid software platform is essential for a dynamic, online insurance business such as ours and we are delighted with the solution provided to us by TGSL"

    Ernesto Suarez, Halo
  • ""TGSL has a wealth of experience in personal lines and delivering software solutions to dynamic businesses""

    Jon Byford, Harmonic
  • "The quality of our latest release, the frequency of communication and the speed of error fixes was astounding!"

    Donna Swift, Intelligent Insurance
  • "Twelve years ago I made a decision that transformed our business, and I would not hesitate to make the same decision again."

    Richard Ironmonger, Lexham
  • "Our relationship with TGSL is a partnership in every sense and together we strive to develop a unique IT solution for our specific needs as an MGA"

    Michael McKee, MIDAS
  • "We needed a provider which could match the ambition of our business whilst helping us to improve the service we offer to our clients"

    Paul Ames, Regis
  • "We chose TGSL for their flexibility, professionalism, proven scalability, experience and understanding of volume and niche motorcycle insurance requirements"

    Dave Bowcock, Principal Insurance
  • "With Transactor we have a technology partner that has demonstrated the expertise, commitment, and vision to help us achieve our objectives."

    Mike Daly, Sky Insurance